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MediaLight Bias Lighting

MediaLight Mk2 24 Volt 5 and 10 Meter (Not USB-compatible)



MediaLight Mk2 24 Volt includes:

  • MediaLight Mk2 24 Volt strip
  • 24v dimmer and remote
  • 24v Power Supply
  • CRI ≥ 98 Ra, CCT 6500K
  • ISF-Certified
  • 3 Year Warranty (Our warranty period is shorter on higher-power LEDs)

This product requires AC 110v or 220v power. It is not designed to be powered via USB.

Most MediaLight products are built to run on USB 2.0 (up to 4 meters) and 3.0 power (above 4 meters). This limits the maximum brightness to about 300 lm for the entire length of the strip. Another limitation of 5v is strip length.  The MediaLight Mk2 Flex 6m is the longest single-strip, USB-powered bias light available. 

This is more than enough for bias lighting for all but the most extreme situations (massive displays, dark walls). 

Nevertheless, sometimes you need a brighter LED strip in longer lengths for various reasons (architectural installations, DIY projects, accent lighting, etc.)

For bias lights, you are almost always better off buying one of our 5v units than this unit. However, the 24v is available for situations where more power is needed. 

The MediaLight Mk2 24 Volt provides approximately 600 lumens per meter. 


Ask a Question
  • Hi, What great products you have! I have some questions about MediaLight Mk2 24 Volt 5 Meter: I'd like to create a hanging desk light from this. (A horizontal strip in some rounded U-Profile) - What is the width of the led strip? (is it 8mm like the Mk2 Flex?) - Can I cut it? Just like the Flex? - what's the length of the cable between strip and controller/dimmer? - Would it be possible to lengthen that amount? (I will be hang it on a suspended ceiling and obviously would like to put the dimmer/trafo above that ceiling) - Do you have a dealer for this product in Europe? Flanders Scientific only seems to sell the Flex and PRO products, not the Bulb and the 24v. many thanks for your reply, best regards Rienk Leendertse

    Thank you for the kind words.  This setup seems familiar to a U-profile hood DIY project that we saw on LiftGammaGain.com. Don't tell anybody, but that project inspired us to make a desk lamp, which sports a removable magnetic hood. 😛

    Yes, the width of the 24v is also 8mm. Please note that with 24v strips, they can only be cut every 1/10 meter. The 5v strips can be cut with more precision to 1/30 meter. (This is common for all 24v LED strips, not only MediaLight). 

    There are about 12cm of wire on each 24v MediaLight Mk2 on each end and you can extend with a 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC extension cable rated for 24v.  Strips can be cut and attached to more strips, but we actually recommend soldering over solderless LED connector clips for anything over 5v. 

    We recently released a lot of products in a short time and I'm not surprised that some are not yet listed with some dealers. If you inquire with Flanders Scientific EU they can obtain these for you from us, otherwise, we can ship them to you. Thanks!